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Damn The Witch Siren Light The Cauldron at Rumba Cafe – 6/2/17

Damn The Witch Siren at Rumba Cafe (Credit: J. Laicy / Music In Motion Columbus)

Double, double toil and trouble,
Fire burn and caldron bubble…

– excerpt from William Shakespeare’s “Song of the Witches”

It was a clear and balmy evening, with the bold glow of the moon scattering its luster across the cityscape. The denizens came out to play, their bodies writhing in dance to the primal beat of Damn The Witch Siren.

Having played just one show since December 2016, Bobbi Kitten and Z Wolf were excited to heed the call of the siren. “We used that show (last week) as a tune-up for tonight,” said Z Wolf.

Ed. – read our interview with Damn The Witch Siren HERE

Shortly after Mungbean and The Cordial Sins had serenaded the assembled crowd, it was time to light the cauldron and bring the simmering crowd to a frothy bubble.

Bobbi Kitten at Rumba Cafe (Credit: J. Laicy / Music in Motion Columbus)

“Are you ready to get sexy?” asked Kitten. As the crowd roared in the affirmative, they launched into Pearls and Lace. The booming bass tones felt like a heartbeat through the subwoofers, with pieces of the ceiling raining down on the stage from the thumping.

Wasting no time, the programmed screams of Your Love is Frightening cascaded over the crowd, as they danced to anthemic club banger. There were times throughout the tune that Kitten’s vocals reminded me of Dale Bozzio and her work with Missing Persons.

Bobbi’s sultry vocals announced Thrill Me, sounding eerily reminiscent of Goldfrapp with a hint of early 1990’s Lords of Acid thrown into the mix. The uptempo Sweetest Fruit followed, with Kitten’s innocent-sounding vocals carrying an almost Kate Bush quality.

Z Wolf let loose with a howl, before the slower beat of Faerie Garden washed over the crowd. The dreamy tinkling of Z Wolf’s keyboard work had the audience swaying in-time with the song, showing their appreciation as the number reached its climax.

“I’m into not giving a shit,” exclaimed Kitten, before they launched into Feelin’ Myself, the first of three new songs this evening. The tune had a marching beat, with Kitten singing in an almost rap-like cadence along with the changing tempo.

The Fire, The Flame was a darker number with a gothic beat to it that juxtaposed nicely with Kitten’s more-airy vocal work.

Z Wolf at Rumba Cafe (Credit: J. Laicy / Music in Motion Columbus)

They concluded the trilogy of new material with I Don’t Wanna Say I’m Sorry. The slower tune carried an almost Depeche Mode vibe throughout its length, with Kitten channeling her inner Voice of the Beehive for the vocals. There was a bit of choppiness to the song, altering the flow of the tune. I chalked this up to not having played the new song live previously.

Although the crowd had thinned-out by this point of the evening, those that remained were treated to the band covering Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy.” Their version had a more Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam vibe to it than the more pop-oriented original. This had the crowd dancing, once again, before enthusiastically applauding at the conclusion.

And with that, the fire was smothered underneath the cauldron, as the audience made their way outside and scattered to the four winds.

While Damn The Witch Siren may not be everyone’s cup of tea, for those that remember the late 80’s / early 90’s club scene, this band will transport you to the time when you danced like there was no tomorrow.

Make no mistake, they do not have a “dated” sound with their songs. Rather, they have taken some of the best beats and rhythms from that era and added updated flourishes, making the music fresh, vibrant and new.

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  1. Pearls and Lace
  2. Your Love is Frightening
  3. Thrill Me
  4. Sweetest Fruit
  5. Faerie Garden
  6. Feelin’ Myself *
  7. The Fire, The Flame *
  8. I Don’t Wanna Say I’m Sorry *
  9. Fantasy (Mariah Carey cover)

* denotes new song

Damn The Witch Siren – Thrill Me

Credit for all images – J. Laicy / Music in Motion Columbus

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