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Album Review – Love Alive’s EP “Hold Your Tongue”

Love Alive are releasing their latest EP "Hold Your Tounge" on August 11, 2017

Band Love Alive
Album / Label – Hold Your Tongue / Independent
Rating4.5 / 5

Combining elements of funk, jazz and psychedelia, Love Alive are releasing their latest EP “Hold Your Tongue” with a show at Woodland’s Tavern on Friday, August 11.

Bringing a new twist to an old-school sound, the four-song EP strikes just the right tone to showcase what they bring to the table. Their musicianship is excellent, with an element of groovy serenity that stands head and shoulders above their contemporaries.

“Hold Your Tongue” opens with What You Wish For, a funky groover that demands you pay attention. While it has a Dave Matthews Band feel to it, the song is much deeper than being superficially compared to typical DMB fare. The production is superb, with each instrument audible in the mix. The standout on this track are the vocal harmonies, sounding simply exquisite.

Buried in The Sand is the song you want to play when you’re with your significant other, as it evokes thoughts of holding one close. The saxophone notes within this track add the perfect bridge to the tempo changes it contains. Once again, the vocal work is outstanding. “I can make it better, if I try…” says it all.

Mask slows down the tempo with melodic interplay, with the keyboards and saxophone play front and center on this track. Lyrically, “Trust in yourself, no one else can take the blame” has a poignancy to it that strikes to heart of what many people fear. To use the cliché, this is music with a message.

The EP closes with Paralyzed, a midtempo rocker that forces you to get your dancing shoes laced-up. Once again, the interplay of the instruments and musicianship of the band are on full display. The track harkens back to that old-school 1970’s sound that so many found appealing.

Having taken four years to hone their sound, Love Alive hits it out of the park with “Hold Your Tongue.” With the promise of a high-energy live show, their August 11 EP release concert at Woodland’s Tavern should not be missed.

“Hold Your Tongue” Tracklist

  1. What You Wish For
  2. Buried in The Sand
  3. Mask
  4. Paralyzed

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