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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with Kibbey Context – Episode 28

The Cat Club Podcast airs each Monday on the Music in Motion Columbus radio network.

Josh Kibbey, of Kibbey Context Booking & Promoting, joins host Rick Gethin in the studio for this week’s episode of the show.

Kibbey is an independent promoter of entertainment in the Columbus metropolitan area. He’s worked with many local and regional artists and musicians over the last four years, with an emphasis on bringing disparate entities and genres together to maximize the audience’s experience.

This week’s tracklist is but a small sample of some of the bands he’s worked with. You’ll hear music from Electro Cult Circus, Wake The Trees, The Cadence, Local Tourists, Chelsea Ravenn and Spirit Week on the show.

We talk about many things, including his annual event called The 25 Artists of Kibbmas.

As always, this is podcasting without a net…

The Cat Club Podcast with Kibbey Context – Episode 28


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