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Founder/Managing Editor Rick Gethin on Archie’s Vinyl Analysis – 10/31/17

Rick Gethin and Arch Madness in the QFM96 studio (Credit: Greg Hansberry)

Our Founder and Managing Editor, Rick Gethin, was invited to guest on Archie’s Vinyl Analysis podcast on QFM96 on October 31, 2017.

20 year QFM96 radio veteran Arch Madness and Rick Gethin chat about Aerosmith’s “Get Your Wings” album, the “Toxic Twins”, tales as a roadie for touring bands, the origins of Music in Motion Columbus and more…

From the Vinyl Analysis webpage…
“It’s the album that solidified Aerosmith into the rock landscape, ‘Get Your Wings.’ Archie and music journalist, Rick Gethin, jump in to this iconic Aerosmith record during this week’s episode of Vinyl Analysis.

“How toxic were the toxic twins? How did Steven Tyler’s libido influence this album? How did this record cement the Aerosmith sound that we know today? All this and more on Vinyl Analysis.”

Some of the music talked about during the show…


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