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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with Hells Fire Sinners (Part One) – Episode 39

The Cat Club Podcast airs each Monday on the Music in Motion Columbus radio network.

This week on the show, Aaron Piatt and Scott Stevens of Hells Fire Sinners join us in the studio.

The guys break down their sound as we play a few songs from throughout the band’s 12 year career. We get the stories behind the music, the ongoing struggle of Piatt to rein-in his speediness on the skins and delve into the understated flourishes of Stevens guitar work. Who knows where the conversation will lead…

As we like to say, it’s podcasting without a net…

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The Cat Club Podcast with Hells Fire Sinners – Episode 39



  1. Susan

    Great show with Hells Fire Sinners! I will definately tune in again!

    • Rick Gethin

      Thanx! We thoroughly enjoyed having Aaron and Scott on the show, and plan on doing a followup show with Alan and Andrew soon!

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