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The Cat Club Podcast with Victory Lapse – Episode 52

On this all-new episode of the show, a very good local band you’ve probably never heard of join host Rick Gethin in the studio for some bad craziness.

David Stone, Geoff Spall, Brandyn Morit and Bobby Metzger, better known as Victory Lapse, are flying under the radar in the local music scene. We have a feeling they are destined for bigger things. The wine, beer and tequila they brought with them made this a show teetering on the brink of going off the rails at any moment.

You’ll hear the inside stories of their eponymous debut EP, how instrumental Jon Fintel at Relay Recording was in producing their initial offering, as well as Stone professing his love for sombreros.

As is always the case, it’s podcasting without a net…

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The Cat Club Podcast with Victory Lapse – Episode 52


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