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No One Puts Sunrise Reset in a Corner

Sunrise Reset

By Susanne Spires

With their upcoming show at Skully’s Music-Diner for the CD102.5 Day Local Artist Showcase (March 10), front-man Corey Fry of Sunrise Reset took the time to talk with me about the band.

Sunrise Reset formed from the ashes of Monolithic Cloud Parade. Except new drummer Michael Yonchack, the band has remained intact from almost the beginning. The lineup consists of Damien Pyles (guitar/keys), Darrin Wessenberg (bass/vox), Yonchak (drums) and Corey Fry as songwriter and lead vocals/guitar.

They formed after posting an ad on Craigslist, explained Fry. “The idea was for Sunrise Reset to be a “simpler” band, just the four piece, musically restrained”.

Sunrise Reset, EP2

They describe themselves as “polymath indie rock, touching on propulsive garage rockers, synth pop, folk and country, indebted shamblers, and emo tinged atmospherics”.

The band speaks about streamlining their style, though admit that “rock” or “indie rock” are the easiest descriptors, even if they don’t believe those words to mean much.  When I asked about their many genres, Fry replied “I’d much rather be a terrible weird band than a great bland/generic band, because that’s what I personally would rather listen to and watch”.

Sunrise Reset is neither bland nor generic. They have crafted melodies that are similar to Modest Mouse and Neutral Milk Hotel, but have fashioned them in a manner that can only be their own style, much like the genre they play.

In July of 2016, the simply titled EP1 (Blue EP) was released. This was followed in September by EP2 (Gold EP). Both albums have a cathartic and personal tone to them.

Sunrise Reset

“Maybe the reason I tend to stick with a handful of themes in my personal songs is because those are the things that I can’t bludgeon with rationality,” said Fry, “so they’re more present and tumultuous for my brain to separate and make sense of.”

This is the long-form answer when asked if there is a connection between the songwriting and healing processes learned while obtaining a degree in counseling. Fry’s short answer to that same question is “no”. Regardless of the reason for writing, both albums are beautiful and are skillfully crafted, lyrically and musically.

This Friday (March 10) at Skully’s Music-Diner, Sunrise Reset is playing for a chance to perform as the opening act to CD102.5 Day Side B.

“It’s hard to think of music as a competition, just because there’s no objective goal that we are trying to achieve besides entertaining our friends and family,” Fry said.

Well said, Mr. Fry. But c’mon… vote for Sunrise Reset. Their fresh sound is inspiring. I’m Susanne Spires and I approve this message.

Ed. – All images courtesy of Sunrise Reset.



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