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The Cat Club Podcast goes Post-Hardcore with A Decade Apart – Episode 75

The Cat Club Podcast drops a new episode every Monday

This week, the show shreds with Post-Hardcore aural goodness when Columbus band A Decade Apart join us in the studio.

Josh, Sean, Donnie and Travis invade our space to premiere new tracks from their as-yet unreleased EP Premonitions Part 1 (due to be released on October 19). There is much laughter, especially when the conversation delves into the correlation between ancestry and adult beverages. We also deal with some dark and serious issues in relation to suicide. Plus, Josh regales us with his impression of Macho Man Randy Savage.

Their new EP, Premonitions Part 1, available October 19 on their website (physical or digital copies). They next play on October 18 at Skully’s Music Diner and then on October 19 as part of a fundraising event for Hayley’s Angels at Flannagan’s Pub.

It’s a wild ride that we always call podcasting without a net…

Music on the show:

  1. Contrails
  2. Sympton of Suicide
  3. Viking
  4. Interlude/Breathless

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Show host Rick with Donnie, Travis, Sean and Josh from A Decade Apart (left-right)


The Cat Club Podcast goes Post-Hardcore with A Decade Apart – Episode 75


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