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The Cat Club Podcast Honors Veteran’s Day 2018 – Episode 79

A special episode of The Cat Club Podcast that honors our veterans.

Veteran’s Day honors all who have served, in every era and in every role, from keeping the peace to wartime. As we celebrate our heroes, let us not forget those who are struggling. It is our collective duty to ensure no veteran is left behind.

On this special edition of the show, you’ll hear music from local bands and musicians, as well as a few select tracks from national acts that we believe fit with this show’s theme.

To all our veterans: thank you. 

Your show host was stationed in Gelnhausen and (TDY) at Camp Worden, Bad Toelz, Germany (86-88)


Music heard on this week’s show:

  1. The Alarm – Hell Fire
  2. Lisa Gain & The Rusty Silos – Two Packs of Cigarettes
  3. Chris Petersen – He Still Pays The Price
  4. Nikki Luttrell – Let Go
  5. Laura McCall Torno – I’m Not Home
  6. Nazareth – A Veteran’s Song
  7. Brian Griffin – Song of a Soldier
  8. Wild Life Crush – Will You Remember?
  9. Doug Hare – Dear God
  10. Lisa Gain & The Rusty Silos – I’ll Be Home Soon
  11. Huey Lewis and The News – Walking on a Thin Line

We encourage everyone to check out the links below, because it’s up to all of us to do what’s right for our veterans.

Ohio Department of Veteran Services
Military Veterans Resource Center
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

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The Cat Club Podcast Honors Veteran’s Day 2018 – Episode 79


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