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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast Gets Punked by Lustkill – Episode 80

Bad craziness is on full display as Lustkill join us in the studio for this week’s show.

Joey, Byron and Kurt brought their as-yet unreleased split 7-inch (with Mummula) containing three newly recorded songs that we premiere on the show. You’ll hear the stories behind the songs, musings on the varied sound quality of venues around the city of Columbus, and bear witness to grown men diving headfirst into teenage humor. We do manage to make the case for a comparison to Weezer, too.

Joey’s grandma proves that punk is an attitude, not an age…

Their next show is December 1 at The Shrunken Head.
The split 7-inch release show is December 21 at Tree Bar

This week’s show is truly podcasting without a net…

Music heard on this episode:

  1. Jet Jaguar
  2. Satan’s My Girl
  3. Drive Thru
  4. I Just Wanna Have Something To Do (live at the Shrunken Head) – Ramones cover

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The Cat Club Podcast Gets Punked by Lustkill – Episode 80


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