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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with Jeff Tobin – Episode 81

This week, Jeff Tobin of The Jeffs joins us in the studio for a fun-filled show full of music, stories and more…

Jeff’s unique take on everyday things that occur within all of our lives take on new meaning with the way that he tells each story through song. He relates the gypsy traveling life that he’s lead, which eventually found him settling in Columbus. We have a bit of a surprise for him, playing a song that has elements of Tom Waits, Charles Bukowski and local band Javelina, too!

As we always say, it’s podcasting without a net…

Music on the show:

  1. Thank God For The Internet
  2. Maybe
  3. When MTV Was Cool
  4. The Day Tom Waits Died
  5. Tom Waits Recites Charles Bukowski with Javelina

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The Cat Club Podcast with Jeff Tobin – Episode 81


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  1. I love The Jeffs. They remind me of a snarky ‘nineties band, like from “When MTV Was Cool.”

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