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The Cat Club Podcast Gets Classy with Linden Hollow – Episode 83

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Here’s a recipe for wonderful…
1. Haunting piano rock
2. Earthy folk
3. One bottle of Merlot
4. Two bottles of Shiner Holiday Cheer

When you blend these ingredients together you will have a most wonderful hour of awesomeness, with a dash of class, too.

This is exactly what happened when Rebecca and Emily of Linden Hollow joined us in the studio for this week’s episode of the show!

We discuss the origins of the band and empower musicians to take control of the music industry. You’ll hear the stories behind the songs and experience much laughter throughout the show. You’ll get the scoop on their progress toward making new music and when you can see them next.

You never know what will happen, which is why we always call what we do podcasting without a net…

Music on the show:

  1. Ohio
  2. Takin’ The Main Line
  3. Second Arrow
  4. True Solace / Luna

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The Cat Club Podcast Gets Classy with Linden Hollow – Episode 83


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