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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with The Typical Johnsons – Episode 87

This week, we’re joined in the studio by Jeremy Siegrist, Lynne Siegrist and Jeff Brogan of The Typical Johnsons.

They’re a band that cannot be pigeonholed into a tidy little box, as they incorporate many elements into their wonderful sound. Place in a bowl The Drive-By Truckers, Neil Young and Frank Turner. Then sprinkle in some Marshall Tucker Band and you’ll have a glimpse of the vibe they exude. We have a hunch that they’re going to breakout on a national level…

They traveled from Minster, OH to share the stories behind their songs, how the band formed and Jeremy is put on the spot to give all the fans a nugget of information they don’t know about the band.

It’s a jam-packed, fast-paced show that chugs along at warp speed.

As we always say, it’s podcasting without a net…

Music on the show:

  1. Lo-Fi
  2. 4AM
  3. Genesis (live
  4. Drawing Blood

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The Cat Club Podcast with The Typical Johnsons – Episode 87

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