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The Cat Club Podcast LIVE with Courtney From Work – Episode 89

On this special 30-minute edition of the show, we did the show “live” in front of an audience at Ruby Tuesday Live for the Columbus Covers Columbus 2019 festival. Our special guests for this episode is the self-described BBQ Rock Band Courtney From Work.

It’s amazing how much ground we cover in half the time of our usual show. The conversation ranged from Four Loko and “ballin’ on a budget” to the origins of their name. We discuss their discography and play their latest single. You’ll even hear what local bands get these guys excited.

Show host Rick Gethin with the members of Courtney From Work on the main stage for CCC 2019 (Image credit: Jill Triplestep)

Music heard on the show is Dog and a Hat by Courtney From Work

We have to give a huge THANK YOU to Tony Casa (of Zoo Trippin’) and Free Sandwich Productions for wanting us to be part of this event. We must also thank Dan Mesnard, FOH sound engineer for this year’s festival. He also is the FOH sound engineer for Ekoostik Hookah.

You never know where the show will go, which is why we always call what we do podcasting without a net…

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Catch Courtney From Work live on February 16 at The Shrunken Head.

The Cat Club Podcast LIVE with Courtney From Work – Episode 89

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