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The Cat Club Podcast with Smug Brothers – Episode 97

This week, we welcome Kyle Melton and Don Thrasher of Smug Brothers into our studio.

The band has its genesis in 2004, with numerous albums, EPs and singles to their credit. You’ll hear stories from their past, the evolution of the band and what lays in store for them going into the future. We play four tracks from their latest album, Attic Harvest, as well as play one of our favorite tracks from a few years ago.

Plus, we debate the way that so many try to pigeonhole bands by placing a label on their sound. We also chat about Thrasher’s independent Dayton, Ohio-based record label Gas Daddy Go Records.

There’s laughter, weirdness and more, which is why we’ve always called what we do podcasting without a net…

Music on the show:

  1. Gamma Country *
  2. Beethoven Tonight *
  3. Operate The Pandemonium Register *
  4. It Was Hard To Be On A Team Last Night
  5. At The Aisle *

The asterisk denotes songs from their new album Attic Harvest.

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The Cat Club Podcast with Smug Brothers – Episode 97

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