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The Cat Club Podcast with Damn The Witch Siren – Episode 98

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally managed to coordinate schedules and get Bobbi Kitten and Z Wolf of Damn The Witch Siren into our studio.

We chat with the duo about how their music has evolved over time, self-empowerment and loving who you are, their plans for embarking on a major tour in the near future and their non-stop creative schedule. Their self-described “Witch Rock” will surely burrow its way under your skin, leaving you rejuvenated.

We also have the honor and privilege of hosting the WORLD PREMIERE of their latest single, Big Mouth (available March 29). It’s a banger, for sure!

You’ll also hear about what we have planned for our 100th episode!

Music on this week’s show:

  1. The Fire, The Flame
  2. Gothic Summer
  3. XXX Me
  4. Big Mouth **world premiere of new single

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The Cat Club Podcast with Damn The Witch Siren – Episode 98

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