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That’s A Wrap! Tales from INKcarceration 2019

Words by Alyssa Wright
Images by Samantha Toale

INKcarceration 2019 was unlike any other festival I have ever been to. The atmosphere, the location, along with everything in between. However, every festival goer was there to share one thing. That was their love for rock-n-roll.

The three-day festival had all kinds of acts, from local artists to major bands that were headliners. Day 1 began on Friday afternoon with Shinedown closing the first night with a phenomenal performance. I got to chat with The Everyday Losers, getting to know them a bit better.

The Everyday Losers are a hard rock band from Indiana featuring siblings Dylan and Tyler Seidel, along with their drummer Collin Banks. Here is what they told me…

Music In Motion Columbus: Who is your favorite band playing at the festival?
The Everyday Losers: Godsmack, Live

MIMC: Who are your biggest musical influences?
TEL: Rush, Metallica, Tool, Primus, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots.

MIMC: Biggest show?
TEL: Inkcarceration, Rockfest, Black Stone Cherry show, Saliva Show.

MIMC: Coolest artist you got to work with in your opinion?
TEL: Saliva, Collective Souls, Everclear

The interview commences
for The Everyday Losers…

MIMC: How long have you guys been playing as a band?
TEL: 6 years as a semi-profressional band

MIMC: Favorite city/ venue that you guys have played in?
TEL: Mansfield, OH!

Keep your eyes on their Facebook page for a new music video coming soon. The band has released four albums and they are currently in the process of writing new material.

One day down, two more days to go.

Both Day 2 and Day 3 began earlier than the first day. Unfortunately, I had to leave early and miss Godsmack’s set, as I could not handle the heat any longer. However, I did score two more interviews on Saturday.

I got to speak with Ohio’s own Titans In Time shortly after their performance and this is what they said to me…

MIMC: Biggest show played?
Titans In Time: Inkcarceration!

MIMC: Whereabouts are you from in Ohio?
TIT: Cleveland/ Akron area

MIMC: Favorite city/venue to play in?
TIT: Denver, Nashville and of course hometown shows.

MIMC: Where did the name come from?
TIT: I guess it specifically comes from the movie ‘Clash of the Titans’… I was at home drinking whisky while watching the movie and was thinking about how one of the characters was loosely saying how in times these titans will come and kind of thought “in time… titans… TITANS IN TIME… I think we have something here!”

Titans In Time
chatting in the shade…

MIMC: Biggest musical inspirations?
TIT: Shinedown, Alter Bridge, Eminem, Corey Taylor, Nothing More.

MIMC: Do you guys get compared to any other bands much?
TIT: Trapt quite a bit and Papa Roach some.

MIMC: Tell me about the new music video.
TIT: It’s called In Lights. It’s on Spotify and has the single off our upcoming album Cooling.

MIMC: How long have you guys been a band?
TIT: August 2013

MIMC: If you guys weren’t a band, where would you be?
TIT: I honestly don’t want to know. This band is so important to our lives and we would probably be doing some desk jobs somewhere.

MIMC: Where do you get inspirations at for writing from?
TIT: Different personal experiences, other people’s current situations going on.

MIMC: What would be your guys’ life anthems?
TIT: Firework by Katy Perry… The way I am by Eminem… If you can’t Hang by Sleeping with Sirens.

MIMC: Which band here are you most excited to see?
TIT: Godsmack

Be sure to check out In Lights!

My last interview on Saturday (and at the festival in general) was with a group I have never seen anything comparable to.

ED. – if you’ve never experienced Monster Dolls, you’re in for a treat… as Alyssa found out firsthand.

I got a chance to chat with the talented girls of Monster Dolls. Here’s how it went down…

MIMC: So, tell us about what type of places you perform.
Monster Dolls: Tons of music festivals, tattoo conventions, horror conventions, kind of our specialty events are larger crowds and festivals we just like to hype people up and get the crowd going.

MIMC: When did you guys become a group?
MD: I established the group back in 2006. We didn’t do really too much with it because I was getting out there and figuring out what would work. I took my love of belly dancing and my love of horror and pushed it together and just tried lots of different things for many years. It really just took the perfect combination of girls to make it happen. We usually throw a lot of stuff out into the crowd, so get close!

Alyssa joins the Monster Dolls…

MIMC: Are you guys going to be here for the rest of the festival?
MD: We are actually performing one more time tomorrow! (Sunday).

MIMC: How do you guys like to prepare for a show?
MD: We all have our own ways of prepping for shows. We all like to do the basics like stretching, laying out our costumes the night before, and we have to be characters and act as well so we have to kind of get into our characters mindset before a show so we can perform true to our characters personality.

MIMC: Are you guys anything like your characters that you perform as?
MD: We are all very much like our characters, but it is more like an alter ego situation.

MIMC: Do you have a certain message you want to put out?
MD: Get out there and do something you love and create something that is just yours.

I highly recommend checking them out!

On Sunday, the final day of INKcarceration, there were no interviews scheduled, so I just kind of took it easy, taking everything in for one last time. The night closed with an unforgettable live show experience from Five Finger Death Punch. I personally enjoyed the festival thoroughly. From all the great performances to seeing the alleged “haunted” prison inside-out, it was a great weekend and I encourage people to get out there to be inmates at INKcarceration 2020!

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