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Digisaurus and The Skulx at Rumba Cafe – 3/17/17

James Allison "Digisaurus" (Credit: Jacob Thompson / Music in Motion Columbus)

The Rumba Café is quickly becoming our home away from home, as we were there Friday evening to celebrate Digisaurus‘ first show of the Spring Tour.

For starters, we were washed in the blood of righteous rock-n-roll by The Skulx. They played a high-energy nine song set to the large and appreciative crowd.

The Skulx (Credit: Jacob Thompson / Music in Motion Columbus)

Comprised of Alex Nauth (vocals/trumpet), Mat Franklin (guitar/vocals), Lex Vegas (drums), Josh Pilot (guitar) and Christian Roerig (bass/vocals), they declared that it’s “Ohio against the world, motherfuckers!” as they launched into Do What You Do.

Proving that their motto of The Sklux is. You ain’t. still holds true, they rawked the fans with a nice mix of original material and a few cover songs.

The guitar play between Franklin and Pilot on ELO’s “Long Black Road” was fantastic and tight. Roerig’s bass work and Nauth’s trumpet made Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla” positively dirty, as the naughtiness washed over us. And they amped-up Tom Petty’s “I Need to Know” in a way that simply amazing. In short, they owned those covers.

The Skulx – Do What You Do

They warmed us on a chilly and damp evening for what came next.

James Allison, better known as Digisaurus, celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by kicking-off his Spring Tour with a funky nine song set. His music is best described as futuristic synth pop with funk grooves weaving their way throughout each song.

No More Room for Love opened his set with an upbeat, rock-inspired, funky bass groove that set the tone for the next hour.

Digisaurus (Credit: Jacob Thompson / Music in Motion Columbus)

The band was totally feeling the groove as they moved through their set, with Allison channeling his inner Marvin Gaye with the “full of love, get it on” sound of Charlie’s Got Me Running.

Their new single, I Don’t Feel Alright was a wonderful trip to the beach that made everyone want to start dancing. We almost ordered Mai Tai’s to complete the vision of us dancing in the sand.

It was a wonderful evening of music that ended entirely too soon.

Ed. – we’ll have in-depth interviews with Digisaurus and The Skulx coming in the next two weeks.


Setlist – The Skulx

  1. Do What You Do
  2. Big Bam
  3. Suckin’ On Stars
  4. Long Black Road (ELO cover)
  5. Different Breed
  6. Godzilla (Blue Oyster Cult cover)
  7. Cool Cool Breeze
  8. Nowhere
  9. I Need to Know (Tom Petty cover)


Setlist – Digisaurus

  1. No more room for love
  2. Make a move
  3. Charlie’s got me running
  4. I don’t feel alright
  5. Escapades
  6. Blood on your face
  7. Two steps
  8. I need you
  9. Without me

Digisaurus (feat. Fran Litterski) – I Don’t Feel Alright

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