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The Cat Club Podcast with Kristin Gramza – Episode 120

As you get ready for the inevitable cookout to celebrate the holiday, start your Labor Day off with an all-new episode of the show!

This week, we’re joined in the studio by singer-songwriter Kristin Gramza. She released her debut album “Sip It” in April 2019 and we are really digging her music. Her songs are full of empowerment for women, full of emotion and vulnerability.

You’ll here the stories behind the songs, why she decided to stay in Columbus after graduating from Otterbein University, and how perseverance ultimately led to her singing the national anthem for the Columbus Clippers and Toledo Mud Hens baseball teams.

Of course, you’ll hear music, as we play four songs from her debut album and get the details on where you can see one of her upcoming live shows. She tells you where you can get your very own copy of her debut album, too.

Music on this week’s show:

  1. Don’t Need You
  2. Your Move
  3. We Lost It
  4. Sip It

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The Cat Club Podcast with Kristin Gramza – Episode 120

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