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One Eye Theory CD Release at Specebar – 3/17/17

One Eye Theory {l-r] Lee Patton, Kurt Maxwell, Scott Biggs, Matthew Hittle, Luke Kucalaba (Credit: SSpires / Music in Motion Columbus)

By Susanne Spires

A group of more than 40 people celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on Friday night at the Spacebar, and all were there in support of One Eye Theory and their debut album “Good Times and Strife.”

Ed. – you can find our review of their debut album HERE.

The band took the stage a little later than expected, but were in high spirits, nevertheless. Scott Biggs (drums), started the show by announcing in his finest Oprah voice, “You get a car! You get a car! Everybody gets a car!” With that upbeat enthusiasm, the band played a genre-spanning, varied and solid 14 song set.

They started off by making new listeners think they were a 1970’s rock and roll band with a hint of blues, remnant of the Allman Brothers. The strains of Funky Cookie were heard, which at first sounds a bit like the Breeders “Cannonball”, but quickly delves into a soul funk song being played by the five happiest guys in the world.

A surprisingly great cover of My Morning Jackets “Highly Suspicious” was in the mix, as well. Voodoo, a very cool psych-rock song was a crowd favorite along with Pieces, a southern rock tune with its understated slide guitar work provided by Luke Kucalaba (guitar/keyboards).

One Eye Theory {l-r] Lee Patton, Kurt Maxwell, Scott Biggs, Matthew Hittle, Luke Kucalaba (Credit: SSpires / Music in Motion Columbus)

However, the standout song of their set was Jersey. The trombone sounded like Tom Waits after a pack of cigarettes and a few whiskys, and it was the song that showed just how long the guys have been playing together. This is such a great thing to see in a band.  They were perfectly in-sync in a way that years of practice and knowing one another can only do.

At one point during the song guitarist Lee Patton took his guitar out into the crowd to play, and with the chorus “I’m not going to Jersey”, he managed to get the crowd to sing along.

They finished their night with Competition, a fast-paced harmonica led-piece, thanks to the multi-talented Matthew Hittle. It had a driving drum beat that balanced it out.

To the delight of those in attendance, One Eye Theory, whose debut album was six years in the making, played a slower song; an almost 1970’s television show cool sounding “Oscar”, as their encore was sung by Kurt Maxwell (bass).

Though they had request from the crowd for “One more song”, they gracefully packed up and ended their night like the pros they are.

As Donna, sister-in-law of drummer Scott Biggs told me, “They’re not doing this for fame, they’re doing this because they love it”.

It was obvious that One Eye Theory play for the love of music and for the pure joy they get from it.  This show may not have been the biggest show of St. Patrick’s Day, but it was the one with the most heart.


  1. Trying to Get There
  2. Pick It Up
  3. Ticket *
  4. Funky Cookie *
  5. Highly Suspicious (My Morning Jacket cover)
  6. Voodoo *
  7. Pieces
  8. Maybe It’s Time You Go Home *
  9. Long Road to Go
  10. Her *
  11. Late Night Train *
  12. Jersey *
  13. Halfway There *
  14. Competition
  15. Oscar

* indicate tracks from “Good Times and Strife”

One Eye Theory – Funky Cookie

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  1. Scott

    Thanks for helping us celebrate, Susanne! Appreciate your support of local original music!

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