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The Cat Club Podcast with Ruinr – Episode 124

Making their first appearance on podcast or radio, the members of Ruinr join us in the studio this week.

The trio of Tasha Beninghof, Jason Beninghof and Ben Speakman just released their sophomore EP, Not Enough Room For Clovers, and were kind enough to drop by the studio to share four tracks with us. As Tasha channels Patti Smith and Johnette Napolitano, Jason and Ben provide the perfect accompaniment, making for soul-plunging reflection.

You’ll hear the stories behind the music and how Tasha makes the songwriting process work for her. We opine that Jason makes his bass act almost as a second set of vocals, with Ben providing a wonderful backbeat to tie the entire package together.

Their music is real, raw and visceral… and it’s fantastic!

Music on this week’s show:

  1. Dry Heat
  2. Greenhouse
  3. High Horse
  4. Open At The Close

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The Cat Club Podcast with Ruinr – Episode 124

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