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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with Hayley and The Crushers – Episode 127

On this all-new, special edition of the show, we’re honored to have a band that has taken the time from their No Coast Tour – Fall 2019 to join us in the studio, becoming the first first national touring band to appear on the show.

They call San Luis Obispo, CA home, which is merely 2,394 miles west of Columbus. Hayley “Crusher” Cain, Dr. Reid Cain, Esq. and Dougie Tangent dish the goods on the wet and wild “poolside glitter trash” of Hayley and The Crushers.

You’ll hear how they combined the snarl of punk rock with sweet pop hooks, added equal parts of kitsch and wildness to forge their unique retro vibe that sounds fresh. Their music is outstanding, and the show is off the hook gonzo! You never know what’s going to happen next on this ride, so strap-in tight!

Music on Episode 127:

  1. Put A Little Action In Ya
  2. 10-39
  3. Polyester Sunday
  4. Threat Level Red
  5. Lobotomy
  6. Neurotica

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The Cat Club Podcast with Hayley and The Crushers – Episode 127

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