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The Cat Club Podcast Gets Exclusively Funky with PronToh – Episode 139

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After kicking off the new decade of 2020 with wonderful Hebdo on the show, we thought a bit of funk was called for…

This week, a few of the guys from PronToh stop by the studio to carpet bomb our aural synapses with their jungle funk missiles. Aaron Sinclair, Nick Yinger and Andy Van Curin, along with band manager Jason Smith give us a bit of history about the band, as well as reveal the significance of the capital “T” in the band’s name. You’ll hear stories about venues, music festivals and so much more. And lest we forget, they brought a brand new, unreleased track from their upcoming EP to premiere exclusively on the show! All we can say is prepare yourself, because this song is en fuego!

With the many “thank you” shoutouts the band gives during the show, we almost subtitled this week’s episode as The Show of Shoutouts. Plus, the hashtag #VotePronToh is a “thing” that you’ll understand as you listen to the show, because they want you to help them Make Music Great Again

They’re playing this week at the Columbus Covers Columbus 2020 festival on Friday night (January 17). You can also catch their high-energy set at Woodland’s Tavern on January 24 for the Summer Camp: On The Road Tour, as they are competing for a spot in the lineup for the Summer Camp Music Festival, May 22-24, 2020 in Chillicothe, Illinois.

Music on this week’s show:

  1. Ghostwriter (RJD2 cover)
  2. D.S.C.S. (live from Bronze Boar)
  3. Colorado Snow (live from Bronze Boar)
  4. Garlic Breath (new unreleased track)

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Download MP3 of Episode 139 with PronTohHERE

The Cat Club Podcast Gets Exclusively Funky with PronToh – Episode 139

Show opening and closing theme music by The Typical Johnsons used with permission.

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