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The Cat Club Podcast with Shane Sweeney – Episode 142

The Cat Club Podcast airs each Monday on the Music in Motion Columbus radio network.

This week, we’re honored to have Shane Sweeney (solo artist, member of Two Cow Garage and Dead Nettles) join us in the studio.

You’ll hear Shane relate some of the stories behind his songs, a discussion of the important things in life, much laughter and some great music. We also decide that a “songwriters in the round” needs to happen with Shane, Micah Schnabel (solo artist, Two Cow Garage) and Chuck Cleaver (solo artist, Wussy).

We end up traveling all over the map, with the show teetering on the brink of going off the rails at any moment…

You can see Shane Sweeney live (in Columbus) on February 10th at the Rambling House, March 5th at the Spacebar and on March 7th (with Dead Nettles) at Dirty Dungarees.

Music on this week’s show:

  1. Promised Land Blues
  2. Constant, Constant
  3. Baby Boomer’s Blues
  4. Nobody Asked To be Born

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Download an mp3 of this week’s show HERE

The Cat Club Podcast with Shane Sweeney – Episode 142

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