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Don Drapery Promises Hope With New Single “Incredible Creatures”

I’ve often found that when the singer from an established band branches out for a solo project, it can go one of two ways. Either the music is a complete 180 degree flip from their regular band, or it is so similar that you wonder why they even bothered going solo in the first place.

For Fashion Week singer Jason Turner, I can safely say that his solo project, Don Drapery, falls squarely in the middle.

Turner says that the project originated last year from an overabundance of written material that he wanted to release more quickly. So far, he has released five songs as Don Drapery since last July, with each song evolving into its own living, breathing creation that is quite unique from the others.

Despite being released under a different moniker, the music still features the same poignant and acerbic wit that you would expect from Turner. Each Drapery song has featured guest musicians, either members of Fashion Week or others. For as long as Turner has been kicking around the Ohio scene, I can imagine his Rolodex is quite deep with people to call for collaboration.

For his latest single, Incredible Creatures (available 4/24/2020), he called upon guitarist Josey McFaddin and Fashion Week comrade Andrew Lee. McFaddin’s influence is immediately felt by the uplifting, airy guitar that builds all the way up to the chorus. The song has a light and spacious feel throughout that gives the listener the opportunity to dance, wherever they may be.

Image Courtesy of Don Drapery

It doesn’t hurt that the song has the perfect sing-a-long chorus, simply stating that “We are, we are we are, incredible creatures.” It is absolutely tailor-made for summertime drives with the windows down and the breeze blowing through your hair. It just feels easy, fun and fascinating.

Turner says that he was inspired by the people around him in writing Incredible Creatures. He says that many of his friends and family have overcome major adversities in the past few years, and that served as the foundation for the song.

“On a broad scale, our capacity to overcome heartbreak and difficulty is incredible to me,” he adds.

It also feels like a song written as a blueprint for the younger generations of the world. The line “Little ones don’t you know, we just get better as we go” seems to specifically reach out to the youth who are struggling with the heaviness of the world around them. Turner has two young children of his own, and recently wrote a picture book titled Bowie Be Kind.

Turner says that he hopes to be able to perform his solo project live once he has enough material for it, as long as it doesn’t interfere with his primary duties in Fashion Week. Until we can see live shows again, it’s good to know that there are people out there making music to keep smiles on our faces.

Whether it’s the uplifting lyrics or the bouncy guitar riff, this is the type of song that the world needs right now. It’s a song promising hope and happiness in the future, released in times of uncertainty.

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