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The Cat Club Podcast with Blind Engineer – Episode 172

The Cat Club Podcast

Throughout last week, the thought was wandering through our head about who this week’s guest reminded us of. There were a couple of different vibes we were feeling from their music, but just couldn’t put our finger on it.

At the end of the weekend, it finally dawned on us that what we were thinking of was what the music would sound like if Bruce Springsteen and Echo and The Bunnymen got together and conceived a love child. You would wind up with the sound of Columbus’ Blind Engineer.

Robert Loss, Eric Nassau, Bill Heingartner and Jesse Charles joined us for this week’s episode to showcase a few songs from their latest release, Human Capital (October 2).

We talk about the new album, of course. But we also delve deeper into the inner workings of Studio 60, Heingartner’s studio that occupies space on every floor of his house. We go on a tangent about guitar pedal boards and how they seem to exponentially grow. Although, Jesse has toaster-size Electroharmonix pedals that are monsters… sonically speaking, of course!

Music on this week’s show from the 2020 album, Human Capital:

  1. Lower Than Low
  2. Radio Face
  3. Ain’t It Sometimes Enough?
  4. Transistor

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The Cat Club Podcast with Blind Engineer – Episode 172

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