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The Cat Club Podcast with Corduroy Brown – Episode 186

The Cat Club Podcast

This week, to close out the month of January, we’re hopping across the Ohio river and visiting Huntington, West-by-God-Virginia. Making his debut on the podcast, Corduroy Brown joins us and blasts the stereotype of you might expect from the wild and wonderful state.

We chat about his music and the real life stories behind the songs that are full of introspection and honest lyrics. Although his lyrics are tinged with a hint of melancholy layered overtop of a sonically positive vibe, they moved us to call him a “Non-traditional Appalachian storyteller.” We also talk about his songs are full of hope, juxtaposed with the melancholic bent to his tales, showing that he has an optimism that will not be denied.

Music on this week’s show:

  1. To My Younger Self
  2. Watercolors (with Katherine Allen)
  3. Leave It To Me (feat. The Dead Frets)
  4. To My Younger Self (acoustically live at WSAZ TV)

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The Cat Club Podcast with Corduroy Brown – Episode 186

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