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The Cat Club Podcast Grooves with the Cubano Salsa Sound of Waves de Aché – Episode 201

You might want to get your dancing shoes laced up, because this week we’re going all-in with the wonderful Cubano Salsa vibe of Waves de Aché

Will Strickler, Ben Maloney and Max Marsillo join us with music from their new album, Triptych Continuum, available for you this Friday. We delve into just how three guys from Central Ohio became so immersed in Cuban music. Their sound incorporates the best of Latin flavor with a jazzy sensibility.

Their new album has a featured guest artist on each and every track, and you’ll hear how the individual collaborations came to fruition. The core of their sound is reminiscent of Miami Sound Machine sans Gloria Estefan, but each of the guest artists bring wonderful nuance to each of the tracks they perform on.

Music on this week’s episode:

  1. N.F.G. (from 2019’s Forward Motion)
  2. Vamp Thing featuring Eric Rollins (Triptych Continuum)
  3. Stargazer featuring Devin Copfer (Triptych Continuum)
  4. Keepin’ On featuring Zakk Jones (Triptych Continuum)

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Download an mp3 of this episode HERE

The winner of our pretty rad 200th episode Swag Bag Giveaway is Bill Melton from Gahanna, OH. We received seven correct answers to the contest question, “How many times does Arch Madness mention his hometown of Marietta, OH during the show?”… with the correct answer being that Marietta was mentioned six times. After a random drawing, Bill Melton was the winner chosen.

His prize package includes t-shirts from Bossy Grrl’s Pin Up Joint and Qfm96 – Iconic Rock (96.3 WLVQ). But that’s not all, as CD 92.9 – Central Ohio’s Alternative (WWCD) chipped in with two (2) 92.9/Big Room Bar pint glasses, stickers and a beautiful embroidered hat.

The 200th Episode Swag Bag Giveaway

The Cat Club Podcast Grooves with the Cubano Salsa Sound of Waves de Aché – Episode 201

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