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The Cat Club Podcast Gets Trippy with Sapphira Vee – Episode 208

This week we’re joined by the wonderful Sapphira Vee for a sonic journey through the ether that includes a WORLD PREMIERE from her new EP Duet (available 7/2/21). She describes her music as “dark trippy music with an industrial edge – no boundaries…and very few filters…”

Vee joins us from her home in Rochester, NY with a top notch selection of music she has released over the last few years. Her new EP, Duet, will be released Friday, July 2 (preorder your copy of it on her Bandcamp page HERE). The EP is a seven-track collection of original songs and remixes.

Her music will surround you like a warm blanket, with your aural synapses reverberating with goodness. But, there is also an underlying tension that is woven into the fabric of these songs (especially the remixes) that we think you’ll truly enjoy.

Our conversation with Vee bounces all around, including our host positively butchering Ken Magerman’s last name. He is a member of the goth band Amaranth and one of her collaborators. She is also the co-host of the Situation 47 with melodywhore and Sapphira Vee radio show. Of course, our host also expressed his jealousy of her working with musician Chris Connelly.

Music on this week’s episode, including the WORLD PREMIERE of The Unknowing Muse (Melodywhore Red Velvet Mix):

  1. Mask of Happy (Plike Vulnerability Mix)
  2. World My Voice (feat. Ken Magerman)
  3. Laughter (Dogtablet DTCV-19 Mix)
  4. The Unknowing Muse (Melodywhore Red Velvet Mix)

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Download an mp3 of this week’s episode HERE

The Cat Club Podcast Gets Trippy with Sapphira Vee – Episode 208

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