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Bridge Park District to host Ohio Creatives Festival July 30-31

Music Industry Students Bring Together
Ohio Arts Community in Capstone Project

Every year, students enrolled at GROOVE U’s Music Industry program in Dublin conclude their educational experience with a capstone project through Elementary Records, a student-run record label. The class of 2021 proudly presents their capstone: Ohio Creatives Festival.

The two-day festival will showcase local bands, indie films, and seek to connect industry professionals. Panels will host professionals from all over Ohio and cover topics ranging from music law to producing hit songs.

The event will be held in historic Dublin and the new Bridge Park district. Attendees will be able to visit various restaurants, bars, and businesses located in the heart of the event. Columbus based bands Laveer and Pray for Sleep will headline the main stage Friday and Saturday evenings respectively.

In preparation for the event, business students were responsible for writing contracts, securing speakers, and marketing. During the event, audio and live sound students will run the performances and set up the stage while video students capture the performances and industry panels.

The live music portion of the festival will be free to the public and will be located at the Darby lot in Historic Dublin. For information on purchasing tickets, conference schedules, and speakers, visit

Organizers hope the event will connect creatives, industry professionals, and businesses to launch careers and build relationships while also allowing creatives to share content.

Traditionally, GROOVE U students attend South-by-Southwest (SXSW) music industry conference in Austin, TX, but after the Covid-19 pandemic put a damper on SXSW and other networking opportunities, students decided to put on their own event, and the Ohio Creatives Festival was born.

About Elementary Records
Elementary Records is a student-run full service record label at GROOVE U. Every year, the students execute a project as part of Elementary Records.
Elementary Records also puts on an Ohio high school Battle of the Bands called Instaband. The winner of GROOVE U’s Instaband receives a one-year recording contract. Students record, mix, and produce an EP and music video for the winning band, all through Elementary Records.

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