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Wake the Trees at Victory’s Live (Earth Day Show) – 4/22/17

Wake the Trees (l-r) Jacquie Sanborn, Joel Franck, Tom Bauer (Credit: Jacob Thompson / Music in Motion Columbus)

What better way is there to celebrate this spinning rock we call home, than to enjoy the aural harmony of a band whose name is synonymous with the need to protect our environment?

I mean, really… how cool is it see a band named Wake the Trees on Earth Day? They even gave away bags of wildflower seeds for those in attendance, with the hope that many would nurture those seeds to full-bloom.

“The earth has music for those who listen”
William Shakespeare

Like the wildflowers swaying in the summer breeze, Wake the Trees had a synergy that was captivating throughout their 10-song set at Victory’s Live on Saturday night. Beyond Pluto opened the show, with Cortney Gail playing in the middle slot.

The trio is comprised of Jacquie Sanborn (vocals/guitar/harmonica), Tom Bauer (bass) and Joel Franck (drums). Their sound wanders like the wind, incorporating elements of folk, funk, rock, blues and Americana that gives a unique perspective on the musical landscape of our lives.

Jacquie Sanborn (Credit: Jacob Thompson / Music in Motion Columbus)

They opened their set with Road, an Americana-tinged bluesy number with a solid groove. Sanborn channeled Janis Joplin’s heartfelt wailing throughout the song.

Covering an artist as legendary as Bob Dylan has left many bands not up to the task. Not so for this group of musicians. They made it their own, rocking-out the tempo in a way that Dylan never did. Sanborn’s vocals added an edgy layer to the number.

With an Appalachian groove from Bauer and Franck, Lost Puppy quickly found its way with Sanborn’s wonderful harmonica work. The pace quickened, capturing an almost country flavor that complimented her vocals nicely.

They slowed things down a bit with Eye to Eye, showcasing smoldering vocals, before kicking the tempo up a notch toward the end.

The spacey instrumental Painting had an ethereal quality to it, as Sanborn played an interactive painting she constructed into an instrument. They seamlessly transitioned into Icebreaker as Franck’s drums tattooed a steady beat to accompany a deep bass groove from Bauer. Meanwhile, Sanborn was playing her guitar with a bow to the appreciative audience.

Joel Franck and Tom Bauer (Credit: Jacob Thompson / Music in Motion Columbus)

Another spacey intro announced the arrival of Don’t Go Astray. Sanborn’s vocals had an early 90’s era Juliana Hatfield vibe to them, meshing well with the tempo shifts of the Americana rocker.

Cast Along carried a mid-tempo country flavor, with Sanborn’s emotion showing through very well.

At this point, the crowd was swaying in-time with the music, while a few denizens danced the night away.

The band picked-up on this energy coming back to them from the crowd, launching into the rock-based Outside Our Dreams. The funk bass groove of In the Clouds saw more raw emotion coming from Sanborn’s vocals.

They capped-off the evening with the sweet sound of The Clearing, an instrumental number that made one feel as though you were in the Appalachian Mountains on a summer evening.

Wake the Trees could very well be a band that will sensuously weave its aural magic around your synapses, burrowing into your cortex with their wonderful melodies. They have this writer hooked, and I bet you will be just as satisfied when you see them, too.


  1. Road
  2. Buckets of Rain (Bob Dylan cover)
  3. Lost Puppy
  4. Eye to Eye
  5. Painting (No Name) *
  6. Icebreaker
  7. Don’t Go Astray
  8. Cast Along
  9. Outside Our Dreams
  10. In the Clouds
  11. The Clearing

* denotes new song

Ed. – Yes, we received a few bags of wildflower seeds, and they will be planted.

Wake the Trees – Lost Puppy


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