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Go Go Buffalo Stampede Through Spacebar

Go Go Buffalo (Credit: Travis Brandner Photography)

I got the call last week to head down to Spacebar to cover a band from Cincinnati. I have some roots in the Cincy scene, so I’m always happy to give a listen to some Queen City jammers. I only wish that I had done my homework before the show on Go Go Buffalo. Actually, I’m kind of glad that I didn’t know what I was getting myself into…

Courtney from Work opened up the night with a few new jams and a FIDLAR cover for good measure. The crowd waited as the Cincinnati quartert took the stage and set up for their own rockin’ set. Immediately we were all treated to the visual landscape of madness that is Go Go Buffalo.

We knew we were in for an interesting set as guitarist Tyler Moore took the stage wearing boxer briefs, while bassist Graham Lang came out with only a red cooking apron to cover himself. Lead singer Jeremy Moore came to the stage wearing a lovely brown and white kimono, carrying an Amish doll, affectionately named Mildred II.

Mildred II

“We’re still holding Mildred I hostage” said Moore after the show “and I’m pretty sure we’re going to hell for drawing on Mildred II”.

While they may have looked a little strange on stage, their music was no gimmick. Tyler Moore’s licks kicked off the opening tune Poison Patrol as Jeremy Moore belted out big greasy grunts. I was almost shocked as they rocked on into Daddy’s Home, which showcased Lang’s talent on the fat strings. Jeremy danced around the stage and showed Mildred II some love as he swung his big hair around. I got to wondering why every rock show didn’t include a big hairy bastard in a dress.

Up next was Iron Clad Lad, which featured some serious grooves, punctured by Tyler’s blistering guitar solo.  Before every song, Jeremy told a little anecdote about what was about to follow, and for Poor Johnny, he told us that the song was about John Travolta, who ate too much and got fat. It may have sounded funny to begin with, but the tight grooves continued as drummer Jason Drennan laid down an all-out assault on the cymbals.

Jeremy Moore of Go Go Buffalo

Livin’ it Up was the next song, and although it was the least impressive tune of the night, it led perfectly into the “song about staying up late, and watching reruns of I love Lucy”, titled Watch It Explode. If not for all of the distortion, this tune could have made its way onto a surf punk record.

Up next was a song about Hot Pockets, or… maybe Lean Pockets? I mean, since we’ve covered a veritable encyclopedia of song topics, why not throw in Jim Gaffigan’s favorite frozen food? It may have seemed a little silly, but it once again held its own in terms of funk and musical tightness.

The next song was a cover, and it came with a message. “At every show we play, we always end up making at least 1 new friend,” announced Jeremy. “This song is for all of our friends and all the new friends we’ll make tonight.” They then launched into the Friends theme, I’ll Be There For You. They played the first verse twice and then punched right into Chili’s, a song about… well, Chili’s. Jeremy threw down Mildred II and came out to dance with us during the instrumental solo parts of the song.

The final tune was a jam titled No More, Ernest Hemingway. It had a Red Hot Chili Peppers groove to it and told the tale of Hemingway killing himself. Because, once you’ve sang about everything else, why not get a little deeper?

It all may sound a little silly, but the fellas from Go Go Buffalo provided the tightest grooves of the night between Courtney from Work and headliner The Skulx, who had the entire crowd rolling around in the pit as they rocked the stage and tore down the house. It was an ear-ringing, head-banging good time at the Spacebar, and I look forward to seeing the boys once more when they decide to invade Columbus again.


  1. Poison Patrol
  2. Daddy’s Home
  3. Iron Clad Lad
  4. Poor Johnny
  5. Livin’ it Up
  6. Watch it Explode
  7. Three
  8. I’ll Be There For You (The Rembrandts cover – first verse only)
  9. Chili’s
  10. No More, Ernest Hemingway

Go Go Buffalo – Watch It Explode


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