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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with Smug Brothers – Episode 223

Ed. ~ We apologize for the dearth of new episodes over the past few weeks. The host of the show had to deal with some health issues (non-covid related).

This week, we are honored to have the members of long-time rock band Smug Brothers join us for a really fantastic show!

Kyle Melton, Don Thrasher, Kyle Sowash and Scott Tribble regaled us with wonderful stories about the band and the making of their latest album, Application of the Twig. The album was released in September on Gas Daddy Go Records. The jokes and laughter was flowing, due in part to a new fragrance for men called “Musk Brothers.”

The Cat Club Podcast with special guest Smug Brothers

All music on this week’s episode from Smug Brothers’ Application of the Twig.

  1. Lesser Commodore
  2. Seemed Like You To Me
  3. Keep My Boulder
  4. That’s News I Could Have Used Yesterday

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The Cat Club Podcast with Smug Brothers – Episode 223

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