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The Cat Club Podcast Celebrates The Joy Of Breathing – Episode 246

This week, as everyone gets their Thanksgiving plans together, we celebrate living by enjoying the wonderful sounds of Breathing, with an EXCLUSIVE first listen to four new songs.

The band is comprised of Tatum Maura (vocals), Tyler Stupalsky (guitar), and Peter Vilardi (keyboards). Peter is also the National Affairs Editor for Music in Motion. All three joined us to talk about the history of the band, the songwriting process, and being nebulous about the release of their new album, Music For Animals.

Self-described as “a lovelorn trio cloaked in reverb & heartbreak,” this Columbus band has a sound that is at first glance serene, but with a quivering river of melancholy and hope running through it.

Music For Animals, is akin to an ethereal journey through the vastness of space accompanied by the perfect stress-free soundtrack.

There’s laughter throughout the episode, tech talk regarding the recording of the album, as well as the host mispronouncing Tyler’s last name numerous times.

All music on this week’s episode from Music For Animals:

  1. Heartbreak Angel
  2. Soft
  3. Obsession
  4. The Wayward

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The Cat Club Podcast Celebrates The Joy Of Breathing – Episode 246

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