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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast and Mychael Gabriel – Episode 253

This week we welcome singer songwriter and producer Mychael Gabriel to the show!

Mychael Gabriel released his latest album, GENESIS, last September. He’s gearing up for a new Sheila E. tour, on which he is the lead guitarist, and took some time to join us to talk about his latest album, his philosophy of life and many other topics.

Although based in Minneapolis, he spends time on the west coast with Sheila E. in her studio. He’s the godson of Sheila and Prince, with his parents meeting and falling in love on Prince’s “Purple Rain World Tour” back in the 1980s, jokingly calling himself the Purple Rain Love Child.

You’ll be able to catch Mychael on guitar for Sheila E. when they play in Columbus on May 27th at Genoa Park for the Riverfront Music Fest.

All music on this week’s episode from Mychael Gabriel’s album GENESIS:

  1. Let There Be Light
  2. Sunday Afternoon
  3. Mountain King
  4. Radioactive Girl

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The Cat Club Podcast and Mychael Gabriel – Episode 253

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