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"The only truth is music." ~ Jack Kerouac


Our company motto is simple: #SupportLocalMusic

It may only be three words… but those words say it all.
When you distill everything in that statement down to its essence, there is only one conclusion.

We love music.

With myriad genres, and an infinite supply of sub-genres, we don’t subscribe to the theory that a band, musician or artist needs to be pigeonholed into one category. To us, if it’s good music… it is simply good music.

Our mission is simple: cover the local music scene like no one else does.

We want to be the place you turn to to read and hear about your favorite bands, whether that’s an in-depth interview, a review of their latest live show or a track-by-track review of their newest album.

But, we also want to be the place where you discover new music. We’ll do our best to give honest reviews of all bands and artists, so that you can make an informed choice as to whether you want to spend your hard-earned scratch on buying this new EP/album, or go see that band live.

We are striving to become Columbus’ voice on local music; bands and artists from around Ohio playing in Columbus, and national touring acts that visit our city. Our goal is to showcase the amazing amount of music coming from within the hidden gem that is Columbus, OH.

At the end of the day, all you have to remember is this: #SupportLocalMusic

Who is Music in Motion Columbus?

Rick Gethin (Founder/Managing Editor) – Rick has been involved with music in many capacities since 1989. He brings prior experience in terrestrial radio (on-air/show producer/news & sports/commercial production), live music (touring bands – bass guitar tech/lighting/sound/staging), digital radio and journalism (Fox Sports/Comcast/ESPN/Associated Press and various other sites) to the Music in Motion Columbus website, with an extremely strong belief in local music.

Susanne Spires (Staff Reporter) – Susanne has been a member of the Columbus music scene in many capacities, either as a spectator and fan or player since her teenage years. Playing in bands since high school, she busked on sidewalks, performed at open mic nights, and played venues of all capacities (mostly small… very small). Later, she joined Golden Tone Productions to collaborate on the film scoring of a web series and documentary, as well as a few independent projects.

Jesse “The Jester” Clendenin (Staff Reporter) – In early 2005, Jesse attended his first local Columbus show. Beginning at that point in time, it was his mission to promote the local scene as much as possible. He ran a local promotions company (Jester Promotions) until 2008. He has played in a few bands of his own, most recently Sub Assembly Disaster. His passion for local music stretches beyond Central Ohio, and he frequently travels outside of the 614 to find the best music from within the state.

Samantha Toale (Staff Photographer) – Samantha has been interested in photography since high school and is currently a third-year photography student at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Experiencing her first concert about six years ago, it didn’t take her long to fall in love with music photography. In 2017, she started photographing local bands, including Absolute Hero and We Are The Movies. Her style leans to the more emotional and dramatic side of musical performances.

Jaime Courtney (Staff Photographer) – Jaime is currently a student at Devry University earning her Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design and Development in hopes of having a career in freelance photography and graphic design/web design/development. Making websites and graphics by day, at night she loves to be behind her camera shooting the local music scene, including her friends from such bands as The Forty, the Undergrads, Gudger, Hells Fire Sinners, and more.

Chad Kessler (Staff Photographer) – Early immersion in the DIY aesthetics of punk rock and skateboarding eventually led him to pick up a camera and paintbrush in an attempt to find his voice. After several years of freelancing and failed bands, he found himself on a path that would lead to him opening his own distillery. Within a few years though, a chance meeting with his latest musical endeavor would bring him full circle back into the world of photography.

Quinton Napier (Staff Reporter) – Quinton has always been involved in music. Beginning at age 11, he was playing guitar and saxophone. He played in bands, both in and outside of his high school. He recently completed his music degree at Capital University. While at Capital, he played in several ensembles and practiced composition. He also was an on-air personality at WXCU for two years.

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