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Chelsea Ravenn Steals The Show at Trial Run 5 at King Avenue 5 – 9/8/17

Chelsea Arthur performs at King Avenue 5 (Credit: H Lee / Music in Motion Columbus)

Last Friday, I found myself venturing to King Avenue 5 for the “Trial Run 5” showcase. Having never been there before, I was pleasantly surprised with everything about the venue, from the amazing food to the sound of the room.

The “Trial Run 5” event is held every year on the second Friday of September. This year, Chelsea Ravenn, Local Tourists, Spirit Week (from Michigan) and We Are The Movies were on the bill.

It was a full evening of various genres, but one performer stole the show. Chelsea Ravenn, as the opening act, left many craving more after her 8-song set was finished.

(Credit: H Lee / Music in Motion Columbus)

While she’s known for her solo performances, on this night she had a backing band that added more depth to her music. They were understated, yet very impressive. Especially since they had only practiced together three times previous to the show.

Opening with a cover of Brunio Mars’ Versace on the Floor, her keyboard work perfectly complimented her hauntingly emotive vocals. Upon its conclusion, the band joined in for her original composition Waiting In a Room. The rap-style vocals had the crowd mesmerized, erupting in applause when it was over.

The jazzy vibe of Hold Me Down serenaded us next, with Arthur channeling Alicia Keys with her emotional vocals. Switching gears, You Ain’t Shit to Me carried a funky vibe with scat-like vocals. She packs a wonderful punch as she sings, of that I am sure.

As the pop-alternative sound of Just Drive wafted through the venue, a funky bass line punctuated the tune, making you feel as though you just had to dance to the music.

(Credit: H Lee / Music in Motion Columbus)

“This next song is called No Pierre, a stripper song…” she announced, as the sensual vibe of the music washed over us. Her band added a more rock element to it than the original recording, giving it added gravitas.

The standout was the penultimate song of her set, To All the Lucases of The World. Channeling a pissed-off Alicia Keys sound with scat-back lyrical work, she added a Deborah Harry punk-like attitude to the song, as well. It was reminiscent of being in a smoky New York City club in the early eighties, with a funky disco vibe permeating the space.

She concluded her set with a cover of Eminem’s Forget About Dre. With more scat lyrical work and a staccato beat, it carried a wonderful pop funk flavor.

Chelsea Ravenn is an artist that you must experience in a live setting, as she adds so much urgency, emotion and poignancy to her performance. Rest assured, we’ll be taking in another show by this talented musician in the very near future.

All images credit: Hilary Lee / Music in Motion Columbus

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  1. Versace on The Floor (Bruno Mars cover)
  2. Waiting In a Room
  3. Hold Me Down
  4. You Ain’t Shit To Me
  5. Just Drive
  6. No Pierre
  7. To All the Lucases of the World
  8. Forget About Dre (Eminem cover)

Chelsea Ravenn – To All The Lucases of The World


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