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The Cat Club Podcast Rides the Dark Horse – Episode 27

The Cat Club Podcast airs each Monday on the Music in Motion Columbus radio network.

On this week’s show, Rick takes it commercial-free and rides the dark horse with his voice still hosed from the weekend’s festivities…

Our boss, Music in Motion Columbus, put together the Dark Horse in Motion Music Festival that took place on Saturday (October 21, 2017) at The Dark Horse Tavern in Reynoldsburg, OH. It was a full day of really great music, with eight bands on the bill. Seven of the bands are from Central Ohio, and included MOBILE HOMEBourbon TrainMississippi BonesBridesmaidPale Grey LoreHells Fire Sinners and Shorty Allen.

Having seven local bands in the lineup meant that we adhered to our motto of…

The festival featured Karma To Burn from Morgantown, West Virginia, playing their only show in Ohio this Fall. While not local, they reside merely 200 miles east of Columbus, making them a regional band and practically neighbors. For the festival, the hashtag #SupportRegionalMusic was used to designate the trio of Karma To Burn on social media.

We have to thank Joe Lamb, owner of The Dark Horse Tavern, for hosting this event. The excellent sound and light production was provided by Brian Kozicki, owner of Brian Kozicki Audio. There were delicious baked goods provided by Cream, with El Sabor Street Food parking their food truck right outside the front doors. Thanks also go to our sponsors, Body Language Tattoo and Old Familiar Barbershop. The NWO Metal Militia (a group promoting local bands throughout Ohio) was represented by Jeremy Schindorff,  as he soaked in the awesomeness of so much great music and seemingly knowing everyone who walked through the doors.

Finally, we must thank the fans that were at the festival supporting all of the bands. It is you who added to the wonderful energy of the festival.

After the show, Karma To Burn and The Cat Club Podcast host got together for a photo (left to right: Evan Devine, Will Mecum, Rick Gethin and Eric Clutter)

The Cat Club Podcast Rides the Dark Horse – Episode 27


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