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Album Review – Coup De Grace’s Debut EP “Walk In Light”

Coup De Grace - "Walk in Light"

Band – Coup De Grace
Album/Label­ – Walk in Light (2017) / Coup De Grace Records
Rating3.5 / 5


Consisting of five tracks that capture the band’s sound and vibe, “Walk in Light” is a decent initial offering from the Akron, Ohio-based psychedelic rock trio, Coup De Grace.

Nick Reese (guitar/vocals), Doug Gallo (bass) and Dave “Tig” Tigelman (drums) weave a psychedelic journey for the listener. Formed in 2016, they are releasing their debut EP March 3, 2017 on Coup De Grace Records. It was recorded and mastered at Central 8 Studios in Akron.

The opening track, Daybreak, has a pleasing “droning” quality to it, punctuated with Tig’s punching drum beat and Reese’s wailing vocals. The ethereal, dream-like strains of Reese’s guitar begin the journey on Friendly Tiger. This is the most radio-friendly track on the EP.

Open Road continues the trip through the stars. The guitar hooks are reminiscent of the Grateful Dead, when the Dead were “on.” Tig and Gallo carry through with an almost-military cadence that pairs well with Reese’s guitar and vocals.

They channel their inner Flying Burrito Brothers on the slower Champagne Taste, capturing that slight country flavor that Chris Hillman was known for. You almost feel as if you’re floating through the night sky when listening to this track.

The trio close the EP with the seven-plus minute Bitters. They manage a nice, early 1990’s-era Phish-like extended jam that slowly builds to its ultimate climax, with Reese coaxing some very tasty hooks from his guitar.

While “Walk in Light” is a solid debut effort with lush vocals and experimental layers, it also provides a glimpse of the potential of Coup De Grace. We’ll be interested to see if they can expand on these five tracks and show more breadth and depth on a full-length release.

If you’re a fan of psychedelic rock that doesn’t stray too far into the weird, “Walk in Light” is worth your time.

You can catch Coup De Grace in Columbus at Tree Bar on Saturday, February 25.

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