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The Cat Club Podcast Honors Our Veterans – Episode 29

A special episode of The Cat Club Podcast that honors our veterans.

For this week’s episode, Rick welcomes Chuck Oney (of Chuck Oney and The Flareups) into the studio to help honor our nation’s veterans.

With seven (7) songs from local artists Lisa GainBrian Griffin and Nikki Luttrell (of Able Danger) plus other poignant artists from around our nation, Rick and Chuck reflect on why veterans are so important to them. They encourage everyone to check out the links below, because it’s up to all of us to do what’s right for our veterans.

Links for veterans and those wanting to help:
Ohio Department of Veteran Services
Military Veterans Resource Center
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

It’s a wonderful hour of music and talk about veterans that show host Rick holds near and dear to his heart. Many thanks to Chuck Oney for joining Rick on this special episode.

Rick also goes over the significance of February 3, 2018, as that’s when we Music in Motion Columbus celebrates its first birthday with a show featuring local artists at the Big Room Bar in Columbus.

That’s also the date that the website will release its first compilation album featuring 18 local artists. It’s full of almost 80 minutes of music, with almost half of the album comprised of unreleased and new material from the local artists.

The profits from the compilation album will be donated to Music Loves Ohio, a local charity that is putting instruments into the hands of the next generation of local musicians. This is a charitable organization that we fully support and hope that you will, as well.

As always, the show is recorded live, with no overdubs.
It’s podcasting without a net…

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The Cat Club Podcast Honors Our Veterans – Episode 29

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