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Miller and The Hunks Come Of Age with “And Jeff, Part II”

Miller and The Hunks - And Jeff, Part II (released 2/14/18)

Band – Miller and the Hunks
Album/Label – And Jeff, Part II / Unsigned
Rating – 4.25 / 5

We reviewed And Jeff, Part I by Miller and The Hunks in November 2017, giving it a 3.25 / 5 rating. From our November review by Jesse Jester:

“It’s ambitious and mature and leaves you wanting more once it’s all said and done. The high points definitely outweigh the low, and I have a feeling that the next release will follow suit.”

And Jeff, Part II is much more of a cohesive effort by the band, less disjointed with a hint of melancholic irony. Their maturity shines through as an excellent example of a band that has grown and is sure of their sound. The six tracks that comprise the extended play have an almost anthemic quality that is refreshing.

Need To Know kicks off the extended play, with tinkling keyboards punctuated by heavy guitar riffs and a tribal drum beat setting the tone. Colin Miller’s vocals are raw and full of emotion, complimenting the story the band weaves with the underlying musical tones.

“And I broke down, as I leaned against the door. And I stayed there, while you slept on the floor…” Miller sings to open Sex Ain’t Love, coming to the realization that the physical act is no substitute for profound love. The joyful tempo is juxtaposed with melancholic undertones of wanting more.

I Don’t Care finds Miller’s soaring wail punctuating the pop goodness of the track, reminiscent of Teenage Fanclub or Meat Puppets. The song changes direction throughout, with the band showcasing a wonderful tightness that meshes beautifully with the vocals. This is easily the standout of the six tracks on offer.

On Sided System, the question of self-worth underscores the realization that it’s your own belief that really counts. “And I’m lost ’cause I thought, I’d be in such a different place by now…” is something everyone can relate to, all the while knowing that it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks.

Conjuring R.E.M. on Waste Your Time, they play through this straight-forward pop rocker with a flow that is as serene as if you’re floating through a summer field.

The tempo slows on Meat You Again, bringing the EP to a close in the same way that many will remember their old school dances ending… swaying to the music with your body pressed against another. The saxophone adds a nice touch, giving the song added depth.

And Jeff, Part II is easily the best music Miller and The Hunks have laid down in a studio to date. The only problem I have with this EP is that it is simply not long enough. A full album of this sonic quality would have been worth the price of admission.


  1. Need To Know
  2. Sex Ain’t Love
  3. I Don’t Care
  4. Sided System
  5. Waste Your Time
  6. Meat You Again

Miller and The Hunks – I Don’t Care


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