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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with Lily in the Weeds – Episode 47

On this all-new episode, we are joined by Lily in the Weeds in the studio.

Alex Burnsides, Michael “The Professor” Furman, Andy Bailey and Matt Bailey share stories and laughter with us, with their music as the backdrop that has a hint of danger to it. You’ll hear us poke a bit of fun at Tony Casa from Zoo Trippin’ (hint: we really dig Tony), why Alex channels her anger into her songwriting and so much more.

It’s a wild hour that embodies why we call this podcasting without a net…

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Lily in the Weeds music heard in the show:
– Burn The Witch
– Bleed Me Dry
– Take Me Home
– Won’t Ask You Twice

The Cat Club Podcast with Lily in the Weeds – 4/2/18


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