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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with Antioch – Episode 59

This week, the guys from Antioch join us in the studio to exclusively premiere new music from their upcoming debut full-length album Sundance.

You’ll hear their heartland Americana rock sound, as we play four new songs. There’s laughter, stories behind the music, and more. They also discuss their debut at this year’s Summer Jam West festival on July 14.

You never know where the conversation will go next, as this always is what we call podcasting without a net…

Antioch songs on the show:

  1. Take Hold of You
  2. Tears Me Apart
  3. Don’t Look Down
  4. Leave You

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A huge thank you to The Darts for allowing us to use their music on the show.

The Cat Club Podcast with Antioch – Episode 59


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