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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with Mojo Theory – Episode 60

This week, Columbus’ Mojo Theory brings their brand of funk/rock/soul-infused blues into the studio, and premiere two new tracks from their upcoming fourth album.

Mark Richards (vocals) and Todd Mollette (drums) join us to chat about the history of the band and talk about what the blues mean to them. From the trials and tribulations of daily life to the joy of playing to appreciative audiences, you’ll hear the pride these gentlemen take in sharing their music with the world.

You can catch them live on July 14 at Summer Jam West.

You never know what will happen on the show, which is why we call what we do podcasting without a net…

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This show is dedicated to Mark Richards’ father, who recently passed away.

Music on this show:

  1. Turn This Thing Around
  2. It Hurts Just The Same
  3. Late Night Blues (new song)
  4. Don’t Want You No More (new song)

The Cat Club Podcast with Mojo Theory – Episode 60

Thanx to The Darts and Karma to Burn For allowing us to use some of their music throughout the show.

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