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The Cat Club Podcast with Zoo Trippin’ – Episode 61

The Cat Club Podcast drops a new episode every Monday

It all gets wild and crazy this week, as Tony Casa and Lynn Roose from Columbus’ Zoo Trippin’ join us in the studio.

You’ll hear all four tracks from their T-sides EP, as Tony and Lynn regale you with tales of weirdness that can only come from their twisted minds. Four String Brewing and Dan Cochran get some Hilltop love from the show, and Mr. Casa decides that it is a good idea to partake of tequila shots, while the show teeters on the brink of complete gonzo.

As we always say, it’s podcasting without a net…

Zoo Trippin’ plays their next show at the Summer Jam West festival on July 14.

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Music on the show:

  1. Ahh Sh!T
  2. Chasing The Daylight
  3. God Is In The Rain (COASTL Remix)
  4. Forget Me Not

Other music heard in the show courtesy of The Darts and Karma To Burn

The Cat Club Podcast with Zoo Trippin’ – Episode 61


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