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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with Reservation For Clouds – Episode 62

What happens when you take pop hook sensibilities with unique indie vocals, weave-in electronic beats, add a bit of funk with an underlying rock groove, and liberally sprinkle rap rhymes over the top? The result is a truly unique sound that you would think has no chance of working, but does.

Two brothers from Northwest Ohio, Ben and Eli Bowers, now call Columbus home and comprise Reservation For Clouds, offering no apologies for sounding original. They are not averse to taking chances, as evidenced by the eleven tracks on their debut album Wemmicks that was released earlier in 2018. You’ll hear what influences them, get the backstory on the band and their music, all while wondering just when the show will veer off into the unknown.

We also exclusively premiere their brand new song Summer Sigh, as well as hear their views on mobile phone use during their shows. And after hearing the first few songs, you’ll find yourself wanting more. Their sound is infectious, but in a good way.

Staying true to form, it’s truly podcasting without a net…

Music heard on episode 62:

  1. Saturn
  2. Track 711
  3. Summer Sigh (exclusive premiere, with song to be released 7/17/18)
  4. Inside The Grey

You’ll also hear music from Yellow Paper Planes and Karma to Burn.

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The Cat Club Podcast with Reservation For Clouds – Episode 62


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