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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast Gets Heavy with Hell Or Ohio – Episode 65

On this week’s all-new episode, you’ll hear songs from four heavy-hitters in the Central Ohio music scene.

Aaron Piatt and Andrew Neff from Hells Fire Sinners join us in the studio to talk about the new split release full-length album they’re releasing on August 10 with a show at Rumba Cafe. It’s full of twelve songs from the Sinners themselves, GudgerMississippi Bones and Race of Devils. It’s a wild hour of music, stories and more, not to mention Fugazi somehow worms their way onto the show.

You never which way the show will go, which is why we always say that it’s podcasting without a net…

Music on the show:

  1. Gudger – Pestilence
  2. Race of Devils – The Witches Keep
  3. Mississippi Bones – Mandalorian on My Trail
  4. Hells Fire Sinners – Drink Myself Stoned

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The Cat Club Podcast Gets Heavy with Hell Or Ohio – Episode 65

Special thanx to The Darts and Karma To Burn for use of their music on the show.


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