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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with The 1984 Draft – Episode 73

Calling themselves The 1984 Draft garners a certain level of curiosity, for sure. Make no mistake, their music is full of rock riffs and cerebral, at the same time.

If you enjoy rock sensibilities as seen through a 1990’s punk/indie lens (without sounding dated), their new album, Makes Good Choices, is one you need to discover.

Joe Anderl and Justin Satinover join us in the studio this week, relating that much of this album is about redemption and the good things in life. You’ll hear the stories behind the songs and how the band came to be part of an NFL Network documentary. They talk about different venues that have been good to them over the years, ponder if Dayton has a particular “sound” that stands out and give props to a few of the people (Libby Ballengee and Art Jipson) that promote their local scene, and so much more…

As we always say, it’s podcasting without a net…

Music on the show

  1. Miss Ohio
  2. Megaphone
  3. Lutheran Heat
  4. Morrissey of Mandys
  5. Lisbon Falls

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The Cat Club Podcast with The 1984 Draft – Episode 73

*Thanx goes out to DAYMARE for allowing use of their music on the show.

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