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The Cat Club Podcast Goes Punkabilly with The Molars – Episode 76

What happens when you combine a dash of 1950’s rockabilly with a heaping dose of 1970’s punk?

Find out on this all-new episode of the show, as The Molars flood our studio with the wonderful sound of punkabilly. Jimmy, John and Mike dropped by to regale us and you with stories of the band, bygone Columbus venues, quite a bit of laughter and, of course… lots of their music. They also lay some old-school knowledge on you.

As we always say, it’s podcasting without a net…

Music on the show:

  1. Big Rock Candy Mountain
  2. Hey, Hey Everybody
  3. Stockholm Surfer
  4. Pipeline (The Chantays cover)
  5. Strychnine (The Sonics cover)

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Show host Rick with Jimmy Razor, John Colarossi and Mike Folker of The Molars.


The Cat Club Podcast Goes Punkabilly with The Molars – Episode 76



  1. Rick, thank you for inviting The Molars to The Cat Club. You represented us well.

    • Rick Gethin

      It was our pleasure to have the band on the show. Thank YOU for the wonderful music.

  2. John Colarossi

    Looking forward to a return visit! A rock-n-roll tutorial of the highest order!

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