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All Hallow’s Eve with Bloodthirsty Virgins

Bloodthirsty Virgins are James Wooster, Keith Hanlon, Nikki Wonder and Scott Gorsuch (L-R)

Story and photos by Jaime Courtney

From the moment I walked in to Natalie’s Coal-fired Pizza, I was mesmerized by the sound of Bloodthirsty Virgins. Against a gorgeous background of red lights and crimson curtains, the band stood out with their black clothing, and the effect was perfect for this Halloween night.

After snapping some shots of the band, I sat down and just listened… enjoying the music. I had heard that there were groups out there trying to bring back some classic sounds, and this was definitely not the same music that you hear all over Columbus. In fact, this was nothing like what I had heard before from any of the local bands, this was amazing!

With the lovely and talented Nikki Wonder’s vocals teamed up with Scott Gorsuch’s awesome lead guitar skills, the thumping of bass from James Wooster, and the simple beats laid down by drummer Keith Hanlon, they sound like something straight from the 1960’s. Nikki’s voice truly reminded me of Nancy Sinatra, with the resulting sound washing over us as something truly beautiful and amazing to listen to.

After hearing such songs as So Wicked and The Skin, I knew I was hooked. That was before they did an amazing cover of Nancy Sinatra’s Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down), which just strengthened my new-found love for this band. Nikki’s sultry voice coupled with the excellent use of vibratos and glissandos, and the ability to capture the emotion in her tone left me wanting more.

During a short break, I was able to speak with Nikki about her performance, explaining to her how much I had enjoyed her voice. She is a warm person, who cares very much about her music, and was delighted that people came out to the show, since it was on a very wet and rainy Halloween evening. There were quite a few people in costumes, which seemed to excite her even more, as it added to the experience.

Bloodthirsty Virgins kept the evening filled with wonderful music from their self-titled album, even throwing in a couple of covers from David Bowie and Tom Petty.

I highly recommend listening to these guys if you are looking for a classic, mellow, jazzy sound. I know I will be keeping my eyes peeled for future shows!

Credit all images: Jaime Courtney/MIMC

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